Adopt a Village...Build a School

Welcome back friends! We are super stoked to tell you about our brand spankin' new campaign! Our little organization has been around a few years now, and each campaign we do...we want to go bigger than our last effort! Most people know our last campaign was providing support to America's cutest lemonade girl...which has raised over $26,000. We've got our work cut out for us this time.

It is our pleasure to announce to you, with a partnership with Free the Children, our Adopt a Village/Build a School campaign. What exactly does that mean? Watch our FRESH new video to find out.

We understand not everyone has the patience for videos...so here are the deets. We need to raise $30,000. This will provide the items below for a single village in India.
1. We're going to build a freakin' school!!!! YES, A WHOLE SCHOOL!
2. We're going to provide the school (and village) with clean water. (we have experience there)
3. We're going to provide access to healthcare and health education.
4. We're going to provide mothers with the tools to generate a sustainable income for their family.
5. We're going to provide access to innovative farming techniques.

How are we going to do this?
1. You can donate any amount you wish RIGHT HERE. Anyone who donates will receive a big HUG from our founder, Jon.
2. We're trying something new this go around and creating a Street Team. Join the team, fundraise for us, get some merch, and feel good! Click here for details.
3. Share your love for FRESHCASSETTE with your family, friends, and enemies (just kidding). Like us on FB, follow us on Twitter, share, retweet, email, or converse at your local water cooler about us.

We have some HUGE plans which we'll be announcing over the coming months. We encourage you to act now, the sooner we can adopt this village, the sooner kids can begin their education, receive adequate healthcare, clean water and healthy food, and mothers can start earning a respectable income.

If anyone has a question, comment, or idea...email us at freshcassettemusic@gmail.com.