The Home Stretch

We hope everyone had a GREAT holiday season with your favorite people!

We have some exciting news to share. We are only $2,000 away from meeting our goal of raising enough money to build a brand new school for children living in the slums of India. 

We started this journey last March. We are determined to raise these funds by the end of March. 

We are asking you one more time. If you want to do something incredible, something compassionate, or just something badass...PLEASE donate anything. We'll take donations of any size. It all will help the cause and the children. Your donation can even remain anonymous. 

India has some of the poorest villages on Earth. This is where we are going. Many of the families there are in an endless cycle of poverty. But, education is the key to ending the cycle. Education comes from a school, and the school can come from YOU.

Please make a tax-deductible DONATION here.